Vera Scents Simple Castiles - Lemongrass

Vera Scents Simple Castiles - Lemongrass

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Hand crafted in Oregon, Vera Scents soaps are made from formulas with over 30 years of development. Their castile soaps are made using food grade cold pressed vegetable oils, plant butters and extracts; when possible, sourced from certified organic botanicals. Available in a variety of natural scents and formulas, the soaps are scented using only true plant essence; no synthetic perfumes, colorings or preservatives are used. Formulated to give excellent lather, rinse cleanly and remain gentle to your skin; their 3 oz. bars are long lasting and great for bath, hands, face and even shaving! 


Saponified *olive and *coconut oil, spring water, essential oil of lemongrass. 

*Certified organic ingredient 

Cruelty free. Made in Oregon. Vegan.