Tikiri Toys Organic Crinkle Fabric - Trice

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Tikiri Toys Organic Crinkle Fabric - Trice

Crinkle, crackle, crunch - creating so much fun. Our crinkle toys deliver a delightfully sensory experience that keeps babies engaged and entertained, while the triceratops shape and colours add to their experience. Not only does this toy help busy parents distract a fussy or wriggly baby, but it is an ideal early developmental toy stimulating motor skills, coordination, and focus.

Material: Organic Cotton Velour

Ages: O+ months

  • Green triceratops with wonderfully embroidered details.
  • Crinkle Paper filling creates a great sensory and developmental experience for babies, promoting motor skills, coordination, focus and stimulating brain activity.
  • Easy for little fingers to grip and maneuver.
  • Great for keeping babies entertained and engaged.
  • Please refer packaging for further care and safety instructions.

by Tikiri Toys

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