Prince German Shepard

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Prince German Shepard

With an alert expression, Prince the plush German Shepherd looks as if he's trying to understand what you're saying to him.

This pup's endearing personality can be attributed to his small size and oversized Shepherd ears. Prince's black snout and saddle marking across his back contrasts his golden color and gives him his breed specific appearance. Crafted in cuddly materials and stuffed with quality polyester fill, this irresistible little dog will hold up to a lifetime of affectionate squeezes while retaining his pudgy, puppy-like form. Ultra cute and just the right size for a fun, pick me up pal, Prince the German Shepherd stuffed animal is a delightful canine friend!

Additional information

Weight:2.6 oz

Dimensions:5 x 6 x 4 in Breed: German Shepherd

Age:24 Months & Up

SIZE (CM):(13 cm)

SIZE (IN):5" Sitting

Stuffed Toy Size:Small


by Douglas Toys

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