Lemon & Butter Amber Teething Necklace + Black Cherry Quartz

Lemon & Butter Amber Teething Necklace + Black Cherry Quartz

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Wearing amber teething necklaces or amber jewelry historically has been used in Europe as a remedy for teething symptoms. When worn close to the skin Amber, a fossilized resin, is warmed by body heat and then releases it's therapeutic properties safely and naturally. Amber's amazing properties can also benefit adults struggling with headaches, arthritis and other pain related issues. The addition of Moss Agate gemstone beads elevates this natural teething necklace to include properties which are known to enhance creativity, strengthen intellect and provide courage and an emotional calmness that makes our jewelry a must have for mommy and baby.

>> Clasps: Tension release clasp (plastic safety breakaway clasp)

{ { These Amber necklaces must be used only under the direct supervision of an adult and are not intended for chewing on due to choking hazards. } }

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by Beaming Amber Sun