Giraffe Sshlumpie

Giraffe Sshlumpie

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By Douglas Co.

You might say crafting a toy that’s both a blankie and a stuffed animal is a tall order, but we’ve effortlessly combined both in our Little Spotted Giraffe Sshlumpie! This irresistibly understuffed friend can be laid out on the floor for a comfortable place to lounge or packed easily into a bag or stroller when it’s time to travel. The lightweight nature of our Ssshlumpie design makes it a breeze for toddlers to carry around their favorite pal. Made with the softest plush materials in a sophisticated color palette and sumptuously detailed with baby-safe embroidery and silky satin accents, this sweet Giraffe is sure to become a favorite! Shop our entire Little Spotted Giraffe collection to assemble your very own custom set of Giraffe accessories.

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Weight 5.5 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 5 in

19" Long



Stuffed Toy Size



(48 cm)


Birth & Up