Fixin’ Stick Organic Baby Balm

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Fixin’ Stick Organic Baby Balm
Fixin’ Stick Organic Baby Balm

CERTIFIED ORGANIC: Made with 10 premium

organic ingredients that deeply nourish and defend dry, chapped and irritated skin. Free from Petrolatum, Dyes, Artificial Fragrances and other toxic chemical ingredients.

CONVENIENT STICK: Easy to throw in a diaper bag, backpack, purse, pocket or center console and the perfect size for toddlers who want (or demand!) to apply's the mess-free application parents need for adventuring out and about.

SKIN'S BEST FRIEND: Gentle fragrance-free formula is ideal for chapped cheeks, lips, chins, on boo-boos or even new tattoos!

Concentrated, long-lasting formula defends skin with a light layer of nourishing balm that's never greasy, goopy or sticky.

LOVED BY THE WHOLE FAMILY: Glides on easily and starts working immediately to help defend, replenish and rebuild skin...of all ages.

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